I'm Carolina

Im the face behind the brand Mandarina Morada. this project started in 2018 with my participation on a local art fair. While I prepared for it, I started thinking how was I gonna present my products? With my name? or a brand? what am I going to sell? My questions starting answering themselves. I’ve always loved to draw, when I was in highschool I started “taking it seriously” and I spend many many hours drawing every day. This lead me to applying for a graphic design major in University. This brand was born from my passion for drawing and illustrations and what I learned as a graphic designer in uni. My products are my excuses for using my illustrations and make them into something someone can actually use. I like things to be well made and high quality so I put all my effort into making sure my products turn out the best they can. I’m filled with joy when making them so I hope my customers can feel the same way too.