Grab Bag may include: animal friends stickers, animal crossing stickers, various illustrations circle stickers, cat stickers and dog stickers. Circle, cat and dog stickers wont be returning to our shop.


All the above mentioned stickers are glossy vynil stickers.


*Some stickers were not cut correctly by the machine so we cut them out by hand.

**Some sets include a set of 12 mini paper stickers of our Baking tools set.

Sticker Grab-Bags


    Shipping information

    Shipments are made up to twice a week depending on store traffic. Due to Covid-19 shipments are being delayed and shipping times can not be guaranteed. 

    This is an estimate of shipping times before the pandemic:

    America: 1-2 weeks 

    Europe 2-3 weeks 

    Asia, Africa and Oceania: 3-4 weeks​