The Chocolate Paint Box is a vegan, handmade watercolor brand made in Costa Rica.

These paints are made with pure pigment, gum arabic, corn syrup, water and tiny bit of clove oil. Mulled by hand in small batches and poured in layers into plastic pans. Due to the handmade aspect of these paints, they aren't perfect, Cracks and bubbles can happen, but we do our best to deliver the highest quality and consistency that our little hands are capable of. They do not contain any brighteners or fillers.


Our custom halfpans are 3D printed locally with biodegradable PLA. We encourage you to reuse plastic pans and fill them up with your own paints or dot cards. 

The Chocolate Paint Box watercolors are high quality, lightfast, artist grade watercolors, suitable for all skill levels and styles.

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